Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Zipi replace my existing back office and accounting software?

Yes! Zipi is designed to streamline back office management and accounting for teams of all sizes. Zipi successfully transitions simple, local brokerages to large and complex national franchises.

What is Zipi’s Next Day Transfer (EFT) Policy?

Zipi Pay offers next day electronic funds transfers (EFT) up to $50,000 per transfer. The funds you wish to transfer must be readily available in your Zipi Pay balance.

Can Zipi handle varied and complex commission structures?

Yes! We have yet to  meet a commission structure we could not handle. We go through an in-depth discovery process to understand your commission structure(s) to ensure your needs are 100% met.

Can I create multiple companies with different EIN's under one login?

Yes! If you have multiple companies with different EIN's, you can create and link them together under one login. Each company will have its own general ledger, user directory and permissions.

Is Zipi's accounting software provided by a 3rd party?

No. Our accounting software is proprietary technology and native to the Zipi platform. You do not need to pay for a 3rd party accounting program.

Is my data and financial information secure?

Yes! Our system is built on a platform that undergoes routine 3rd party security audits and is certified with every major compliance assessment including, PCI/DSS, SOC 1, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

Does Zipi follow GAAP accounting standards?

Yes! Zipi’s accounting system is based on double entry GAAP principles.