The Major Benefits to Zipi's Integration Partners

June 3, 2021

Even back when Zipi was just a concept, its origins were simple. The industry needed a modernized back office solution that could do it faster and simpler — and frankly, just better. Zipi’s leadership, which comes from extensive real estate experience, knew that frustration firsthand. Legacy, outdated back office solutions made it more difficult and expensive for brokers to get the job done. 

Integrations are a key component of Zipi’s vision for what the new standard of real estate back office and accounting looks like. Partner integrations streamline processes and dramatically reduce workflows to cut down on the number of softwares that your team spends time managing. They end all that bouncing around from software to software and allow your team to manage everything that you need all within the Zipi ecosystem. Essentially, integrations are our bread and butter, or something like that. 

With more integration partners planned in the future, Zipi is currently integrated with dotloop, SkySlope and Google Data Studio. Each offers a major advantage from bidirectional data exchanges (sounds techy, but wildly beneficial) to improved efficiency, customized reporting and more. These partnerships put the power in the hands of the broker to do more with less, helping brokerages evolve and better access the huge amount of data at hand. 

Dotloop integration 

Dotloop is the leading online transaction and productivity optimization platform for simplifying the real estate buying and selling process. Most importantly, the first feature to note is that the integration is bidirectional in nature. All this means is that when you enter financial and transaction data into Zipi, information is automatically synced to dotloop, and vice versa. Sounds magical, yes, and it also reduces the chance of duplicate data entry and provides better business forecasts with its data capacity. In addition to the bidirectional feature, Zipi’s integration with dotloop is particularly notable for its capabilities within commission verification and business tracking

Commission verification

For each record of transaction data, an equally accurate commission split is also required. Zipi utilizes a Commission Validator Tool to ensure accuracy and validate dotloop commission checks in a simple and painless manner. If brokerages are still managing calculations on something like a spreadsheet, then calculation errors can happen frequently even on the simplest of transactions. Zipi’s commission verification system allows users to perform and verify simple-to-complex calculations whether you’re cutting or receiving the check. 

Business tracking

The integration with dotloop has saved users countless hours spent sifting through data in the name of reporting. In the past, many brokerages and agents have used spreadsheets and similar tools in order to store data, leads, documents and more. A basic spreadsheet doesn't have the capability to integrate with a partner like dotloop, and we haven’t even mentioned the issues that come from human error when spreadsheets are shared. Zipi reads through the loads of transaction and financial data to provide the information you need to better improve your business and agents. With that, you’re one step closer to operating on a results-based culture. 

SkySlope integration

SkySlope is the top transaction management platform for the majority of the largest brokerages in the country. As previously mentioned, SkySlope also features a bidirectional integration that syncs information in real-time between the two applications. Traditionally, real estate technology is siloed and dysfunctional, but this integration offers the ability to get the job done while operating a single transaction platform. 

No manual data entry

Manual data entry is a real waste of time — we can all agree that your admin team could be doing far more important tasks than entering data. Not to mention, there is a significant chance for human error to occur in data entry. This requires even more time spent reviewing information and correcting any of those errors when found. With SkySlope, Zipi automatically syncs transaction management information to completely remove the need for manual data entry. The integration frees up your admin team, reduces human error and saves your brokerage both time and money. Plus, something else to note is that the SkySlope integration, as well as other partners, is included with Zipi at no additional cost to the user.

Google Data Studio integration  

Zipi recently partnered with Google in March 2021 to bring its users the benefits of Google Data Studio. Brokers and agents know there’s a slew of data available, but it hasn’t always been easy to process and access all of that information — Data Studio makes it much simpler. This application helps brokers and agents to better visualize information in the way that they want to see it with customized displays. To simplify, Data Studio is making data a whole lot more accessible and easy to understand. 

Customizable reporting benefits

Google Data Studio allows you to connect multiple systems at a time by pulling real-time data insights from Zipi and combining it with other data sources like dotloop and SkySlope. In fact, Data Studio connects Zipi’s data with any source with a connector at no additional cost. From there, you have the ability to create completely customizable reports (from data connections, visualizations, widgets to the metrics that are displayed) with the information that is important to you. It’s paramount that we note that Data Studio doesn’t just create a simple report as you customize it with a simple drag and drop process. In addition to the better display of metrics and customizability, this integration saves your brokerage time pulling reports from different sources and can be used from anything like agent activity to projection reports. 

Are you using Zipi, but aren’t benefiting from the partner integrations yet? Click any of the links below for helpful instructions on how to activate your integration. 

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Written by
Jesse Garcia

Jesse’s 13-year career and tenure as an office manager, coach and top producing agent includes running two multi-million-dollar real estate offices and managing hundreds of agents, while increasing both production and profitability. It was this experience that led him to develop Pipeline Wizard, which became the proof of concept for Zipi.

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