10 Of The Greatest Real Estate Tech Startups in 2021

By now, you know our firm stance on technology adoption. Don’t be anything like Blockbuster – we like to keep it simple. 

 As new technology rolls out, many brokerages immediately pushback to keep things as they are. Maybe it’s the fear of change, a failure to see the value in the investment or maybe it’s even due to an apprehensive admin team — but whatever the reason, a failure to adopt new technology can lead to tragedy. 

 How do you know which real estate tech startups will secure you a strong ROI? Or which do you know are actually making waves in the industry? Our team at Zipi has worked with leading real estate management consulting and analytics firm, T3 Sixty, to provide you this list of 11 of the greatest real estate tech startups of 2021. Don’t be late to the party.

Glide – Enterprise Transaction Mgmt

Glide equips agents and brokers with the technology to complete all offer, disclosure and closing documents online. Glide touts four main features that eases the transaction process: the platform stores your library of all forms, seamless collaboration with team members, eSign documents in-house and manages broker compliance. It’s a modernized software that revamps the basics of the transaction process while offering advanced automation, workflows and features.

Earnnest – Earnnest Money App

Earnnest is now the largest digital earnest money group in the country. The solution highlights its banking-level security and speed, sending a completely digital earnest money transfer electronically in, literally, minutes. The app saves time for you, your agents, clients, and completely streamlines the entire transaction without waiting for a paper check in the mail. With the tech of this startup, your days of cutting checks are limited. 

 Zipi – Enterprise Back-Office, Accounting and Digital Payments

Zipi is the new standard for real estate back-office and accounting. Developed by an industry insider, Zipi is a cloud-based solution that was designed to target and solve specific industry headaches from tedious data entry workloads to slow payouts. This real estate OS system consolidates all of your back office softwares into one streamlined system to simplify the real estate transaction process.  

Transactly – Transaction Management As a Service

Transactly offers tech-enabled transaction coordinator services to real estate industry professionals. Powered by automated technology, Transactly’s platform improves the efficiency of transaction coordinators, reduces human errors and speeds up transactions to increase revenue. The platform claims it can save up to 16 hours per transaction — with that number, how many more listings could you close on monthly? 

Likely.AI – AI Data Analytics

An artificial intelligence platform, Likely.AI provides information on buying and behavioral trends. It has excelled at its ability to find sellers, predicting (with a high accuracy!) which properties will come on the market within the next 90 days. With this technology, agents can prioritize their time on efforts that will actually provide an ROI. Cut back on the marketing expenses and time wasted cold calling by tailoring to AI’s identified likely sellers. 

Aryeo – Content Management

A platform for centralizing real estate content, Aryeo was created in 2019 by industry experts. Aryeo offers a centralized content system to store all files in one place. Once uploaded, the system automatically resizes for MLS compliance and generates marketing content form online ads to flyers allowing users to easily share properties and property content to clients and other team members. Content can be time-consuming, and Aryeo offers admin and agents the opportunity to focus on their listings. 

Plunk – Home Valuation App

Made for homeowners in mind, Plunk is a home valuation app that empowers homeowners to build wealth within their homes. Plunk utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to analyze each home and make specific recommendations like remodeling and design choices to improve the home’s worth. The startup makes an incredibly accessible mobile app to offer the closest thing to an instant home valuation. Equipped with this knowledge, homeowners can make the best decisions to increase their equity. 

Ink – Enterprise Transaction Mgmt

Ink is an enterprise transaction management tool, designed by real estate agents, that touts its ability to manage a real estate deal entirely on your smartphone. The solution was built mobile-first, meaning it was designed to manage the entire deal from start to finish on the phone as opposed to a website. Ink allows real estate professionals to work from outside the office computer and offers tools that make the mobile approach simple such as forms that automatically populate and customized versions for each state.

Jointly – Offer Mgmt

A digital real estate platform, Jointly creates one platform to digitally manage offers by drafting, managing and collaborating. Better manage the offer process by easily submitting and presenting offers like never before. According to the company, it’s three times faster for an agent to draft an offer using Jointly. Know exactly where your offers stand, even when you’re on the move, and values collaboration with automated workflows keep everyone on the same page. 

Milestones – Digital Customer Experience

MIlestones aims to transform the home buying, selling and ownership process for its customers. Milestones is aware that customers want everything online and has created a digital experience simplifies and unifies the process for your clients. Work in the company’s Real Estate Hubs to guide clients through an easier-than-expected experience. All within one place, manage everything and everyone involved within the home buying or selling process.  

If there’s one thing to note on this list of the year’s greatest real estate tech startups, it’s the digital revolution. Every member listed offers something of value to real estate’s digital landscape. Now is a great time to consider the status of your business — is it adopting technology and evolving, or will your company struggle to maintain success as the industry changes?

Zipi is the Real Estate Operating System (OS) that aims to make real estate simple from agents and deals to commissions and billings. Request a demo to get in contact with one of our expert team members. 

Written by
Jesse Garcia

Jesse’s 13-year career and tenure as an office manager, coach and top producing agent includes running two multi-million-dollar real estate offices and managing hundreds of agents, while increasing both production and profitability. It was this experience that led him to develop Pipeline Wizard, which became the proof of concept for Zipi.

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